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Why buy from us

The Treadmill Desk Store Ireland is a division of a larger office equipment business called Stakelum Office Supplies which has been trading for nearly 50 years! You can be confident that we understand office environments and that we’ll be around in the future should you need our first class after sales service.

We operate from modern offices in Tipperary and are happy to open our doors to customers looking to try out a treadmill desk before they buy.

We work in conjunction with our sister site in the UK, and together, have supplied some of the world’s biggest brands with treadmill desks. We thoroughly enjoy working with forward thinking individuals to help implement workplace wellbeing programs. We constantly research different products to aid and enhance your treadmill desk experience and have even expanded our store to include ergonomic accessories. All of the accessories you see in our store have been chosen by our team and work perfectly with our various treadmill desk models. The machines themselves are made by Lifespan Fitness who are based in the US. They’re the global market leader and have sold over 50,000 machines worldwide. Lifespan treadmill desks are designed specifically for walking (not converted running machines) and their new treadmill bases are the quietest available.

In the unlikely event that you ever have a problem with your treadmill desk you can report it to us, we will then work with LifeSpan and the technical team at the factory to quickly diagnose and solve the problem.

As treadmill desk users ourselves we have experienced first-hand how a business can benefit and see real return on their investment. With the introduction of workplace wellbeing programs and increasing media coverage, treadmill desks are becoming more widely used in offices to combat sedentary lifestyles associated with spending too long sitting at a desk. We can help you create a new, healthier culture within your organisation which encourages people to adopt a more active lifestyle outside of work too.

If you are considering purchasing a treadmill desk for your business or home office please call us on +353 504 21888 and we will be more than happy to share our experience and advise you on the best machine to suit your requirements.

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