About us

Did you know?

The Treadmill Desk Store is the sister company to a large office products company, which was founded over 50 years ago. Over the years we have witnessed the evolution of office products, from the introduction of computers and other office gadgets, to the invention of the treadmill desk!

Why did we start selling treadmill desks?

Thanks to computers, tablets, and WiFi most office jobs can be performed without the need to leave the desk, and although this is great for efficiency we have seen the slow decent into the sedentary lifestyle that many office workers are now leading. A treadmill desk offers the practicality of being able to perform all of your normal working tasks as well as keeping you active at work – all without the need to move away from your desk.

Before we became the UK reseller for LifeSpan, we actually invested in our very own office treadmill desk as a means of encouraging our employees to keep active at work, we now have several treadmill ‘hot-desks’ installed and are the top UK reseller for LifeSpan treadmill desks!

Why LifeSpan?

We evaluated the other manufacturers and decided that LifeSpan Fitness offered the best treadmill desks available. They are bar far the market leader and offer great value and great build quality. Lifespan Treadmill desks have been used in the most medical studies, and the machines are graded by the level of usage - so whether the treadmill desk is being used in a shared space or home office, LifeSpan have a model for everyone. LifeSpan are as equally passionate about workplace wellbeing as we are, and they are keen to duplicate the success in the UK that treadmill desks have received in the US.

So why buy from us?

We have over 50 years of experience working within the office environment and selling office equipment. That’s what a treadmill desk is – office equipment. It’s certainly not an exercise machine and doesn’t belong in a gym.

You will also benefit from help and advice relating to where to situate your treadmill desk (and where not to!). We often get involved in business wellness initiatives and help to ensure programs achieve maximum staff uptake.

We also offer excellent before sales and after sales care so if you have any questions please contact our experienced customer service team (and avid treadmill deskers) and they will be happy to help.