Why it was a privilege for us to showcase at the Employee Benefits Live Expo at Olympia 21st & 22nd September 2015!

We've had a great week so far and have just got back to our offices after spending two days showcasing 5 Lifespan treadmill desks at the EB Live expo held in London's Olympia.

Lucy, Walter (Lifespan) and myself were on stand 230 and the event organisers also asked for equipment for their The Activity Hub area which was looked after by events staff! So, we had Lifespan treadmill desks in two corners of the grand hall which kept us very busy.

Since launching just four months ago we've come a long way and spoken to hundreds of people about the need for office workers to become more active. As the UK's first dedicated re-seller of treadmill desks we have entered a very young market place with an unparalleled offer.

We estimate that almost 90% of delegates visiting the stand had never heard of a treadmill desk! People were telling us that they come to these shows trying to find something new and that many of what was on show elsewhere they had seen before.

So, this year, The Treadmill Desk Store was that "something new" for hundreds of visitors from some of the UK's finest organisations - I think that's a privilege!

What is clear from walking around the show is that we are heading for a revolution in Workplace Health and Wellbeing. More businesses are realising that by having people sitting at desks for 6 - 7 hours per day they are contributing to the poor health of their most important asset.

We will keep talking the talking and walking the walk by getting the message out there. This week will be spent catching up with all the great people who visited the stand and requested trials and more information about walking and working!

Many thanks to our manufacturer partner, Lifespan, for making this show possible.





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