The 5 things I say most when talking about treadmill desks! (written in 1055 steps)

Since starting The Treadmill Deskstore in April this year we've attended numerous shows and business well-being events. The concept of treadmill desks and walking whilst working aren't yet well known in the UK (we're changing that!).

I estimate that 98% of people I've met have never tried a machine and 80% have never heard of the concept. We are never short of people wanting to try our machines out. 

The reaction we get from people always puts a smile on my face so I thought I'd jot down the 5 most common things I say!

1. "Don't worry, there is no running or sweating involved - we're just going to have a gentle walk!"

2. "I'm sorry to hear you have bad knees, but it's just a stroll - like you're doing now"

3. "Yes, you can work whilst walking. I bet you've seen people send texts whilst walking down the street!"

4. "Do you sit down a lot in your current role?"

5. "Would you like to be able to get away from your desk each day and have a walk whilst working?"

If you would like to know more about our range of Lifespan Treadmill Desks or walking and working please get in touch. We may even be able to arrange a trial machine for your business.



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