Stamp of Approval

To support today's, World Physical Activity Day a postmark urging the nation to get on our feet and get moving has been created by Royal Mail to support this year’s On Your Feet Britain #OYF2017 Day.

Royal Mail is supporting On Your Feet Britain with a dedicated postmark that will be appearing on doormats on Friday April 28. It will be applied to millions of items nationwide.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Our 120,000 plus postmen and women are a familiar sight up and down the country six days a week. They are a testament to the value of being active and moving around. We are pleased to be able to support On Your Feet Britain Day, and encourage people to get on their feet.”

The Royal Mail are keen active workers and have recently taken part in a study comparing the heart health of their office based postal workers to the men and women who delivered mail on foot.

The study proved that the more time postal workers spent upright or walking, the smaller their waistlines, the lower their triglycerides, and the higher their HDL cholesterol.

It's great that such a huge company is supporting such an important cause. To get involved please visit the On Your Feet Britain webpage here 

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