Maintaining your Treadmill

Basic maintenance of your treadmill is essential if you want to keep your machine running smoothly and prolong the life of the machine.

The good news is, it's very simple to do!  

We recommend that your treadmill is regularly lubricated as this will relieve any friction on the belt, you can purchase 100% silicone treadmill oil for £14.95 here
We recommend that the TR1200 is lubricated every 50 hours and the TR5000 once a year. To lubricate, unplug your TR5000 or TR1200. Slide your hand or ruler under the belt and lift away from the walk deck. Apply about a dozen sprays towards the centre of the belt from each side. Rotate the belt 1/3 and repeat this application. Rotate another 1/3 and repeat once more. Plug the treadmill in and walk for a few minutes to disperse oil evenly.
It's also worth removing the motor cover every once in a while to clear out any dust and debris that may build up around the motor.
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