Bike Desk - Added to the store!

New for 2017! We have now added the LifeSpan bike desk to our store. The C3 bike desk can be sold on its own with a desktop controller, with a manual height adjustable desk (DT5) or with an electric height adjustable desk (DT7).

The bike desk is a great piece of equipment for desk users just looking to inject a little activity into your working day, but without stepping away from the comfort of sitting. Medical experts have long proved that increasing circulation has many health benefits from improving cardiac function to reducing your chances of developing osteoporosis.    

The bike’s seat is cushioned for comfort and has 19 height adjustment settings, ensuring a perfect fit for hours of pedaling. Wellness is in reach for nearly every employee, with heights ranging from 36.5" up to 46.5”, supporting users between 5'0" to 6'8" tall.

Thanks to noise reducing technology the bike desk operates silently making it ideal for office use.  

C3 - Under Desk Bike £899 

C3-DT5 Under Desk Bike with Manual Height Adjustable Desk £1325

C3-DT7 Under Desk Bike with Electronic Height Adjustable Desk £1775

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